A motivation boost!

Today’s recipe will have to be on hold to share a small story.

For almost 2 years I was working, quite happily at my office and for personal reasons I had to leave, also there is a trip involved. Instead of just signing a paper and leave (I kinda did that also in the end), I got the most amazing motivation boost ever.

Sometimes we don’t knotice that we can make a great impact with small actions and gratefulness can from basically anywhere.

They knew I was starting to share this small part of my life which is cooking. Now that I will continue my career in another company after my trip, here in Berlin, I can also go on with a brand new set of knives from Wüsthof (no, I’m not being sponsored by them but I attach the link anyway and save you some time) and what I consider the cooking bible, which is Joy of Cooking. 

That being said, I can’t thank them enough for these presents and I sincerely hope all goes well from now on.